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C-GCC Athletes Part of Record-Breaking National List
C-GCC Athletes Part of Record-Breaking National List

The national office of the NJCAA listed a record number of student-athletes earning the distinction of NJCAA All-Academic Student-Athlete.  10.1 percent of the 59,000 student-athletes who participate in NJCAA programs around the country have earned First, Second, or Third All-Academic Team honors, an increase from last year's 7.9 percent record.


This year's change included renaming the three honor categories to avoid confusion.  Gone are the "Pinnacle, Superior, and Exemplary Awards for Academic Achievement, and have been replaced with "First, Second, and Third All-Academic Team. 


Columbia-Greene Community College is represented nationally with eight student-athletes receiving this honor.


First Team All-Academic (GPA of 4.0):

Juan Trillo - Baseball


Second Team All-Academic (GPA of 3.80-3.99):

Austin Haley-Berry - Baseball

Tori Popp - Softball, Women's Basketball


Third Team All-Academic (GPA of 3.60-3.79):

Catie Gomm - Softball

Collin Lynk - Baseball

Elizabeth Gould - Softball

Mercury Mason - Baseball

Phillip Proper - Baseball