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Twins Heavily Represented in All-Conference Awards
Mountain Valley Conference Award Winners

With the end of the regular season nearing, the Mountain Valley Conference has announced their conference awards for this past season.  Six total twins were named to All-Conference teams and one earned the title of Conference Player of the Year.

On the men's side two players made an All-Conference team.  Freshman Rayquan Bryant was voted onto the 2nd Team All-Conference.  Bryant had an impressive freshman season as he led the Twins in a couple of categories.  One was points per game with 15.7 points per game.  He also led the team in rebounds per game with 6.3.  Bryant has reached a double-double in five games this season.  He scored his season high when he reached a double-double vs North Country Community College with 28 points and 12 rebounds. 

Sophomore Jordan Wright was named to the 3rd Team All-Conference.  Wright had an impressive season having stepped up as leader.  He was second on the team in points per game with 13.1.  This is four points more than he averaged last season.  He led the team by a large margin in assists per game.  Wright averaged 6.2 assists per game which puts him at fourth in Region III as well.  He also leads the team in steals per game with 2.1.  This ranks him fifth in Region III at that statistic.  Wright's highest scoring game came when the Twins took on SUNY Adirondack.  He scored a season high 30 points and had four assists. 

The Women's team was well represented in the Mountain Valley All-Conference award.  All'aha Albright, Casirirs Ruiz, and Daniella Weinschreider all were named to an All-Conference team and Tanisha Edge was named 2017-18 Player of the Year.

Sophomore standout Tanisha Edge receives the 2017-18 Women's Basketball Mountain Valley Conference Player of the Year.  This is the second year in a row that Edge has received this award.  This season has been another great one for Edge as she leads her team in many categories and is a regional standout player.  Edge leads not only the team but all of Region III in points per game with 22.9. She also leads the region in steals per game with 4.9.  She is in the top 10 of various statistic categories in the region and in all NJCAA Division III.  She is ranked seventh in the nation in assists with 6.7 per game.  She is also ranked fifth in steals in the nation with 4.9 steals per game.  Edge has had many spectacular games this season.  Her biggest came against Word of Life.  Edge reached a triple-double with 44 points scored, 12 steals, and 10 assists.

Sophomore All'aha Albright was named to the 2nd Team All-Conference.  Albright had another successful season with the Twins.  Albright averaged 9.5 points per game this season and shot 42.5% from the field.  She led the team in rebounding with 7.3 rebounds per game.  This put her at 16th in Region III at that statistic.  Albright has reached a double-double three times this season.  One of her best games came at Finger Lakes Community College.  Albright reached a double-double scoring 20 points and grabbing 10 rebounds.

Freshman Casiris Ruiz made the 3rd Team All-Conference.  Ruiz was only able to compete in the second half of the season for the Twins.  She has had a significant impact however as she is at the top of the team in many categories.  Ruiz is second on the team in points with 15.9 points per game.  She is also second on the team in assists with 3 assists per game and in steals with 3.6 steals per game.  Ruiz's top scoring performance came at Fulton-Montgomery Community College.  She scored a whopping 30 points and had four steals and four assists. 

Fellow Freshman Daniella Weinschreider was also named to the 3rd Team All-Conference.  Weinschreider has had an extraordinary season for the Twins.  She is at the top of the team and the region in a handful of statistic categories.  Right now, she leads Region III in three-point shooting percentage with 44.3%.  She is third on the team in points with 15.3 points per game.  Her regular shooting percentage is also top on the team with 54.5%.  After dealing with an injury in the first half of the season, Weinschreider stepped up to be one of the best scorers on the team.  Her top scoring performance came at Herkimer College. Weinschreider scored 27 points to lead the Twins to a victory.

Below is the full list of the Mountain Valley All-Conference awards.



2017-2018 Men's Basketball Mountain Valley All-Conference


2017-2018 Player of the Year- Marquis Gilbert- Mohawk Valley

2017-2018 Coach of the Year- Matt St. Croix- Mohawk Valley


1st Team All-Conference 

Marquis Gilbert- Mohawk Valley  

Derrick Felder- Herkimer 

Dante Morgan- Fulton-Montgomery 

Rian Carter- Mohawk Valley 

Damon Hunter- North Country


2nd Team All-Conference

Rayquan Bryant- Columbia-Greene

Mattson Darrah- Herkimer

Malik Wilkinson- North Country

Demani Smith- Adirondack

Donte Crumpler- Mohawk Valley


3rd Team All-Conference

Raheem Felder- Schenectady

Mitchell Dame- Hudson Valley

Shamar Logins-North Country

Jordan Wright- Columbia-Greene

Dave Reo- Hudson Valley



2017-2018 Women's Basketball Mountain Valley All-Conference


2017-2018 Player of the Year- Tanisha Edge- Columbia-Greene

2017-2018 Coach of the Year- Jerrad Dumont- North Country


1st Team All-Conference

Tanisha Edge- Columbia-Greene 

Kathryn Kanhoye- Mohawk Valley 

Ty Taylor- North Country 

Hannah Kreiger- Hudson Valley 

Alyzae Davis- Mohawk Valley


2nd Team All-Conference

Diasia DeBoue- Fulton-Montgomery

All'aha Albright- Columbia-Greene

Nylasia Sutton- Herkimer

Bridget Rust- North Country

Jasmine Cruse- North Country


3rd Team All-Conference

Suhaylah Banks- Schenectady

Taylor Engster- Hudson Valley

Casiris Ruiz- Columbia-Greene

Daniella Weinschreider- Columbia-Greene

Julie Hampton- Fulton-Montgomery