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Twins Take Both Games of Doubleheader
Hoffman at Bat

Twins Take Both Games of Doubleheader

Game 1
Score: Twins 11, Jefferson 2

The Lead: Twins sweep game one 11-2 in five innings to open the doubleheader. 

How it Happened 

The Twins wasted no time putting runs on the board as they dominated the first inning, notching 10 runs in to place the Twins ahead 10-0.  It wouldn't be until the fourth inning when the Cannoneers battled back driving in one run. The Twins answered back in the fifth inning adding two more runs to the board to end the game in the fifth, 11-2 Twins. Kaylee Hoffman took the win for the Twins with five strikeouts, allowing only two earned runs. Batting contributors for the Twins were Kaylee Hoffman, Jaclyn Gehring, and Claire Filak with 2B hits. Baylee Cox, Kaylee Hoffman (4), Justine Albin, Jaclyn Gehring (2), and Claire Filak (3) all drove in RBI's for the Twins.


Game 2
Score: Twins 5, Jefferson 2

The Lead: Twins took an 5-2 win over the Cannoneers in game two.

How it Happened

The Twins came out strong in game two, taking an early lead scoring in two runs in the first inning setting the tone for the game. The Cannoneers answered back putting up a run on the board ending the first inning 2-1, Twins. The Twins battled with the Cannoneers to keep momentum and the lead in the second inning each driving a run in. The Cannoneers stayed scoreless for the remainder of the game as Hoffman brought the heat from the mound. The Twins took the win over Jefferson 5-2 in game two. Kaylee Hoffman was credited the win with five strikeouts, allowing only two runs.The Twins had a strong game at the plate in game two with Hailey Beaumont hitting a double. Holly Kleinmeier, Justine Albin, Jaclyn Ghering, Claire Filak and Hailey Beaumont all contributed with RBI's.


The Twins host Erie Community College for a doubleheader on Sunday, May 12th at 12:00PM & 2:00PM.