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Twins Fall to Onondaga in Semifinals
Holly HR

Twins Fall to Onondaga in Semifinals


The Basics

Score: 11 Onondaga, 3 Twins

The Lead: Onondaga Sweeps Region III Semifinals in five innings.


How it Happened:

Onondaga came out strong keeping the Twins scoreless for two innings. The Lazers drove in four runs in the first inning taking the lead early and continued to put runs on the board with two more runs in the second. The Twins battled at the plate to find momentum against the Lazers pitcher, Isabel Milazzo. It wouldn't be until the third inning when the Twins answered back driving in two runs from a two-run homerun by Holly Kleinmeier, making the score 6-2, Lazers. This was Kleinmeier's third homerun of the season. In inning four Onondaga wasted no time putting points on the board, as they added another five runs increasing the lead 11-2, Lazers. In inning five, the Twins answered back with one run, but it wasn't enough to seal the gap. The Lazers took the win in five innings, 11-3 in the Semifinals game and advance to the next round. With the loss, the Twins have been eliminated from post season play finishing the year with an overall record of 15-8.